Episode 40

033: Village Of The Damned And JFK: The Smoking Gun


November 29th, 2017

53 mins 46 secs

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About this Episode

Dan Brady's back for a look at yet another Investigation Discovery joint, Village Of The Damned, a limited series on the strange and deadly cluster of tragedies that struck Dryden, NY over the course of a decade. We discuss the re-enacting, the evocative soundtrack, and whether the stories of the Harris family, the disappearance of Aliza Bush, and others might be better suited to a podcast than to TV. Have a listen to find out whether we'll keep watching past the first couple of episodes.

Later, we address one of the crime stories that bonded us as a couple: the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and specifically an obscure theory involving the Secret Service first posited by ballistics expert Howard Donahue. The late Donahue co-wrote a book with Bonar Menninger about what HE thought happened that day in Dealey Plaza...and then an Australian cop got involved with adapting it for TV for some reason? And then a bunch of Australian day players murdered Texas accents and got away with it? Anyway, we first saw JFK: The Smoking Gun  around the 50th anniversary of Kennedy's death, and we bought into Donahue's evidence 100 percent. (Menninger's teary talking-head interview, not so much.)

So sit back (and to the left, heh) and have a listen to the latest The Blotter Presents -- and don't forget to share your favorite conspiracy theories (and crappy re-enactments) on our forums.

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