Episode 57

050: In Ice Cold Blood And Mysteries & Scandals


April 4th, 2018

58 mins 16 secs

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About this Episode

Given when In Ice Cold Blood premiered -- April 1st -- you might forgive me for thinking it was Oxygen's PR team tryna prank me. And it...might still be that, actually! But it's a pretty long con, if so, since we got screeners, and based on the first two episodes, guest Eve Batey and I are kind of about it: it's an interesting niche in terms of the crimes covered; the talking-heads and interrogation footage are, while nothing groundbreaking, used well; and the production chose its topics smartly. The only issue we have with IICB is...Ice-T himself. And it's not that he's bad; it's that we're not sure this is the right show for him.

We're very sure Mysteries & Scandals isn't the right show for Soledad O'Brien; we like her, but the writing, oo-fah. S01.E06 delves into the lethal falls from grace of Johnny Lewis, Lillo Brancato, and Ricardo Medina...if we can use "delve" to describe shallow 12-minute segments larded with platitudinous interstitials and hysteric sound design. But WE delved into whether true-crime shows need to craft themselves with an eye towards impatient Googling by their viewers, plus Aaron Hernandez, the return of the Sarah's Dad Zodiac Theory, Graceland's proprietary fabrics, and yet another Eve-'n'-Sarah show pitch -- on The Blotter Presents's 50th episode.


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