Episode 73

064: Slow Burn And Patty Has A Gun


August 15th, 2018

1 hr 4 mins 17 secs

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About this Episode

Last week, the Slow Burn podcast turned its attention to the pettily tawdry period in American politics known as "the Bill Clinton Impeachment," and Canadian Alex Collins has politely agreed to turn HER attention to the Slate podcast's second season. Do we think differently about Clinton's "high crimes" -- and their victims -- than we did back then? And how will Slow Burn tell us something new about a time those of us who lived through it thought we'd never want to hear about again?

Later, we talk about CNN's podcast Patty Has A Gun, something of an audio companion to the network's miniseries on the kidnapping of Hearst heiress Patricia...and her subsequent "conversion" to the beliefs of her captors. We find a number of striking parallels between Monica Lewinsky's situation and "Tania"'s, and a number of similarities in solid storytelling between our Cold Case podcast and our Most Wanted. Begin communique: it's The Blotter Presents, Episode 64.

Slow Burn
Patty Has A Gun
CNN's miniseries, The Radical Story Of Patty Hearst
Toobin's American Heiress
Bryan Burrough for Vanity Fair
Bachelor Nation